Acid Reflux GERD FAQ and Full Guide

Acid Reflux – GERD FAQ and Full Guide

We have a great informative guide for you today we’re going to talk more about what is acid reflux some of the significant symptoms and treatments and prevention I would like to introduce my guest author for today’s guide Dr Henry Brown who is with RNS.

What is considered Acid Reflux? “Well you know everybody has acid reflux and I think oh people say I have indigestion acid reflux maybe it’s true maybe it’s not maybe you can help us understand what’s considered acid reflux”

Dr Brown: “Acid reflux or GERD as it’s commonly referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disease it’s much easier to say or just reflux and I think it’s something that most people can relate to some extent or another I think almost everybody at some point gets a little bit of acid reflux or heartburn so it’s commonly heartburn that people get the burning sensation beneath the chest up in the neck acidity sensation that may wash up into the mouth almost a regurgitation type of a symptom sometimes a little discomfort with swallowing okay.

Do you get more acid reflux symptoms when you are older? ”You know many of us like you said probably I would assume that this is something that most times happen as we get older in life that we start feeling these symptoms.”

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Dr Brown: “It can in fact newborns can be born with it especially if they’re more premature I don’t treat the children I treat adults for this but yeah certainly with age it gets to be more problematic for people but we do see it in all age groups there are some additional symptoms that people get as time goes on that may not be immediately thought of as being from reflux disease so the symptoms I just mentioned are the typical symptoms which people get but there are some atypical symptoms and those are more respiratory pulmonary symptoms so people who have a chronic cough people who have a sore throat or hoarseness of their voice or voice changes even wheezing or asthma-like symptoms that progresses over years can actually be from acid reflux getting in the airways in the lungs and may not truly be acid or lung problems.”

See the doctor or over the counter medications? “Which is interesting because those things that you said you wouldn’t have thought normally are related to acid reflux and that and when are some you know when somebody has this and they experience this one what might be an idea that this is something that is serious and maybe they should get it checked out versus maybe over the counter?

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Dr Brown: “That’s kind of the hard decision making there and there’s no set hard and fast rules for that but in general, if you’re taking some antacid medication over the counter be it tums or some of the over-the-counter Prilosec privacy type medications that are available now if you’re taking those on a frequent basis because the symptoms are bothering you frequently maybe it’s daily every other day and it’s really starting to affect your comfort level and your lifestyle you need to work with your primary doctor to then have it investigated further.”

When to see a doctor?  “What you know when we think of what’s normal too if someone’s having you know something with pizza or spaghetti sauce or some kind of tomato sauce something that’s spicy for them one night a week that’s not something that should be considered serious once or twice a week if you’re having that?”

Dr Brown: “No, probably once or twice a week is not that problematic but you know more than that and you should have your medical doctor look into it” “There may be some words of wisdom that you would share with us as we may think that “Do I have acid reflux? Should I go talk to a doctor? I’m kind of worried, I am kind of afraid to go to the doctor about what he or she might say.”

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Dr Brown: “Don’t be afraid to see your doctor about it especially if you’re being bothered with it frequently if it’s affecting your lifestyle if it’s affecting your comfort then you should definitely get checked. That’s going to vary a little bit from person to person maybe it’s once a week driving you crazy with the symptoms maybe it’s every day but if it’s enough that it’s bothering you go see your doctor. “Are you seeing an increase in this in younger people? Maybe because you know, I always think that younger people and the challenges they have or stress or a little bit of everything you know or the energy drinks, the caffeine etc because of those factors you will see younger and younger patients?

Dr Brown: I think that’s again related to weight issue our society has become fairly overweight and in a younger and younger age and so with weight comes problems with acid reflux and in fact patients who I see who are significantly overweight to a point then surgery may not be a good option for them.

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