Acid Reflux – GERD Friendly Snacks

When it comes to Acid Reflux and GERD, it seems like there is not much to eat. It may also sound like everything is off to the table and you cannot eat anything. This is a very wrong statement. There are things that your system can tolerate and some snacks are ok and won’t trigger heartburn, chest pain etc.

GERD Friendly Snacks

A bowl of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon.

Bowl of fresh vegetables. You should try fresh string beans. It’s really nice.

You should try and steam all the vegetables until you are fully healed.

An apple: Fuji, gala, macintosh and red delicious are fine.

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Honey graham crackers are NOT the ones with cinnamon. Cinnamon while alkaline has a nasty side effect of relaxing the LES valve.

Round vanilla cookies.

Soft serve fat free vanilla frozen yoghurt as you get at a buffet.

Dates: Enjoy very delicious and nutritious dates. A couple of them has enough energy to take you a whole day.

Nuts: All nuts are GERD friendly – if you have a swollen throat choose ones with a soft exterior like cashews, as opposed to almonds which have skin that may irritate a swollen throat.

Powdered carob in a mug of hot water with tiny marshmallows.

Natural peanut butter ( brown lid ) on saltines.

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How about squares of (hard) extra sharp cheddar cheese on a saltine.

Celery sticks with natural peanut butter.

A potato (yam/sweet/ or red potato ) no brown skin potatoes.

Loaded mashed potatoes – mashed red potatoes with no salt and hard cheddar cheese with real butter.

Things to avoid once again:

Things like tea, coffee, crispies, potato chips, fries, tomato, onion, garlic… Everything you used to love eating is no longer good for you.