Best Alcohol for Acid Reflux – Is it safe to drink alcohol with GERD?

What is the best alcohol to drink for acid reflux? is it safe to drink alcohol with meals? Is alcohol a trigger for acid reflux?

Acid reflux can be aggravated by certain foods and drinks including alcoholic ones. Alcohol is one of the most known triggers when it comes to acid reflux. Some alcoholic drinks can allegedly reduce acid reflux symptoms however there is no research to prove that. You will have to try and see. It’s so simple to find out by having your favourite drinks for a couple of days and see if they are good or not.

Best Alcohol for Acid Reflux
Best Alcohol for Acid Reflux

We are not all the same. Something that causes heartburn on someone may not affect the others or vice versa. Foods and drinks including alcohol can trigger acid reflux symptoms and most known are:

– Chocolate
– Coffee (caffeinated drinks)
– Chips etc (fried foods)
– Mint
– Anything that has tomato in it
– Most of the spicy and chilli products.
– Alcoholic beverages

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Chances are alcohol will trigger your reflux but you can never know until you test it a good couple of times. You are unique, your system is special to you so it’s a try and see the game. If something doesn’t affect you then there is no reason to stop consuming it permanently. Alcohol is not something that has many benefits consuming it. It’s not very good for digestion either so do not exaggerate it even if you have it with some meals.

If you think that alcoholic drinks and foods are a big no for you and they give you a big discomfort then there is no need to be stubborn and cut it out of your diet as it will only go worse. Relief will only come if you listen to your body otherwise you will be dependent on medicines forever.

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Most over the counter medicines like Rennie, Gaviscon etc claim to give you relief from your reflux regardless of what you eat and drink however would you really want to use medicines all your life?

Many research has been conducted to find out which alcoholic drinks would be fine for this reflux problem however none of them came back with an answer. No one can tell you whether to drink certain types of foods and drinks as you are unique and this is something only you can find out by trying it out for a few days to see if what you consume triggers your reflux.

We can’t simply answer your question on the best alcohol drinks for acid reflux or is it safe to have alcohol. Those type of drinks seems to irritate the stomach lining and open the gate for everything to go up to your throat and hurt your oesophagus.

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Does wine affect my acid reflux?

Yes and no. Some researches published in the past claim that drinking wine can reduce the chances of having discomfort after meals. However, some other experts thought that any type of wine whether red or white could increase the amount of acid in your stomach and this will only worsen your problems.

Can I have a beer if I have acid reflux problem?

Unfortunately, the news is not good for you. According to a study drinking beer with or without a meal will increase reflux symptoms. There were 30 people who contributed to this study and they all had a glass of wine, beer and water at different meals times and the only drink that didn’t trigger the reflux was the water alone.

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