Christian Nix – Pivot Protocol Reviews

Have you heard of Christian Nix and the Pivot Protocol? You probably haven’t heard of him neither his book nor programme called The Pivot Protocol if you haven’t been suffering from acid reflux.

You would probably know Christian Nix if you have been suffering from acid reflux, heartburn and all other complications of GERD for a long time.

People usually start searching for alternative treatments for their reflux problems after using PPIs for years. You just want to find a cure for your illness and you know that PPIs are not curing the illness, they are just providing temporary relief from the complications.

We have been receiving a lot of questions, reviews and comments about Christian Nix and his program called The Pivot Protocol. One of the most asked questions is:

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Is pivot protocol real? or is pivot protocol genuine?

Yes, it is real for sure. He has been selling it online for a while but what we don’t know is that whether it works or not.

Is The Pivot Protocol a scam?

We are not in a position to say that “yes, it’s a scam”. Just read the comments on and on other review platforms and make your own decision. The person behind this program is called Christian Nix and he is offering a refund if you weren’t happy with your purchase.

Is it a money trap?

There are phases (or modules) in that ebook. The starter pack is $69 and you will need to carry on paying if you want to read more. From the reviews we understand, there is a lot to read. Christian Nix is a great copywriter if nothing else!

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Please leave your honest opinion about this treatment plan if you have used it.

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Christian Nix - The Pivot Protocol Reviews

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May 1, 2021