Food To Avoid With Acid Reflux

Do you ever have heartburn? If so, you are not alone. Most human beings will suffer the symptoms of acid reflux from time to time: babies, kids and adults are all victims. All this does not mean you should ignore it. If you have heartburn often, more than twice per week, be sure to pay attention. If you don’t take action, you can develop GERD (gastro-oesophagal reflux disease) and all of the excess stomach acids can damage your internal organs over time.

Food To Avoid With Acid Reflux
Food To Avoid With Acid Reflux

In order to diagnose GERD, your physician will want to hear about your digestive problems. If you describe signs like heartburn, voice changes, difficulty in taking a breath and perhaps a burning feeling in your oesophagus, he will want to rule out more serious issues like a possible heart attack. Heart attack victims suffer many of the same issues and pains as GERD sufferers.

Talk to your physician about this right away. He or she will recommend a course of treatment which may include diet and medications. The treatment is designed for your unique set of symptoms and situations. If you carefully follow the plan outlined by your physician, you will get rid of your symptoms for good.

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There are also surgical options available for heartburn sufferers which provides a final end to the problem with just a short time spent in the operating room. But of course, this type of treatment is very costly, so it is much better to try the organic and behavioural methods of curing GERD.

GERD symptoms can strike at any given moment, but there are patterns to when it will happen. Triggers include eating big lunch or dinner filled with junk food or foods containing acid. Fried foods also trigger as well as foods with excess fat and preservatives. Sometimes these go hand in hand. You may not realize that even chocolate contains acid and is not recommended for heartburn sufferers. So do yourself a favour and keep away from these foods.

Getting into the habit of eating a healthy diet will help you in aspects of your life. Cut out the acid by avoiding citrus foods and tomatoes and spices like red pepper, black pepper, garlic, chilli powder and onions. Take ginger when you have heartburn and you will get some relief.

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Don’t eat a hotdog if you suffer from heartburn, as it can easily trigger your symptoms and pain. Of course, hamburgers are a no-no as well. You may not realize that Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower will also need to be avoided. You can add tea, soft drinks and coffee to the list since they all contain caffeine that brings on GERD. Carbonated drinks of all types are bad as well.

Besides specific foods, your normal routine may contain habits that bring on an attack of acid reflux. Get rid of acid reflux with an acid reflux diet. Get into the habit of eating several small meals during the day. When you consume a big amount of food at one sitting, you overwhelm the digestive system and of course, cause it to produce too much acid in the effort to digest all that food. This is a bad situation all around. If you try to eat several small meals each day you will prevent yourself from being hungry. Hunger is often the culprit when people choose to overeat and eat the wrong type of unhealthful foods. So by going with little meals, you will help your health in general while eliminating your GERD problems at the very same time.

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The message is – don’t ignore heartburn. It won’t go away by being ignored. Over time it will cause damage to your body and stress you out unnecessarily by bringing on pain. Make changes to your diet and habits and slowly eliminate the destructive patterns in your life. Your GERD will be gone and your health will return. You will be glad you made these positive changes in your life.

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