How to Ease Acid Reflux Symptoms: Buy a Wedge Pillow!

For individuals who live with acid reflux, one of the common causes of pain and reflux symptoms occurs when your live flat. To avoid this, doctors will often recommend using a wedge pillow to reduce the amount of acid build up in the oesophagus. If you suffer from acid reflux, or other heartburn related symptoms, try using a wedge pillow to reduce your symptoms when you go to sleep at night. Also referred to as GERD, your GERD symptoms can be alleviated with a wedge pillow just the same.

How to Ease Acid Reflux Symptoms Buy a Wedge Pillow
How to Ease Acid Reflux Symptoms Buy a Wedge Pillow

The normal digestive process takes the food eaten from the stomach to the intestinal tract via muscle movements. For those who suffer acid reflux disease, it is not so simple. For these unlucky folks, and it happens to everyone from time to time, the food can back up into the throat. The stomach acids, which don’t belong in the throat, cause it to swell and also cause discomfort in the stomach as well as heartburn. Sufferers may also experience vomiting, asthma or breathing disorders and indigestion.

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Acid reflux never happens just once. You need to have a remedy that you can tolerate and take repeatedly. It is normal for backups to happen once in a while. It happens to everyone who eats and it does not necessarily mean they have acid reflux disease. If it happens too often though, it tends to keep on coming back. The stomach may have more than the usual amount of acid and it might remain in the throat a little too long for comfort.

Buy a Wedge Pillow to cure or ease your acid reflux symptoms!

The salivary glands are a natural way that the body will try to counteract the excess acid. Saliva is made up of bicarbonate which we move into the throat when we swallow. In this way, acid is naturally rendered harmless. Repeated swallowing will help the saliva to dissipate the acid. Gravity helps the process during the day when we are standing and moving around.

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When we sleep, however, gravity is no longer aid in acid reduction. At night when we are in bed, swallowing ceases and little saliva is produced. This is why all acid reflux symptoms tend to worsen at night and produce a sore throat and other problems because of more acid sitting in one spot, for a longer period of time. There are much more time and opportunity for the stomach acids to do their damage.

Pregnant women or the overweight suffer from acid reflux more often. Excess fat in the system will cause reflux since there is more pressure bearing on the lower muscle flap (sphincter) in the throat. Normally this flap will keep all the food in the tummy from coming back up the throat to cause problems. For pregnant women, the effect is similar because the growing baby is causing organs to push together and increase the amount of pressure in the stomach area. Higher hormone levels also play their part.

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The very simplest way to ‘cure’ acid reflux almost instantly when it occurs is to use something called positional therapy. Can you guess what this might mean? You need to raise your upper body so that you do not sleep in a completely flat position. Raise the top portion of the bed from 6 to 8 inches for the most benefit. The higher you raise it, the better you will feel.

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