LINX Reviews – LINX System Acid Reflux – GERD Treatment

When someone suffering badly from acid reflux and GERD and PPI’s doesn’t work then LINX operation can be an option.

LINX system provides immediate relief to many people and this is for the long term. The operation aims to reproduce the valve at the bottom of your oesophagus.

How long does a LINX surgery take?

The operation takes less than an hour.

Around 45,000 operations have been made worldwide and the results are very positive. Most of those patients who has this operation see immediate relief from their symptoms.

People will benefit from the LINX surgery for up to 5 years.

No more PPI’s.
pH normalisation.
The ability to belch and vomit.
Post operation gas-bloating problem is very rare.

Possible side effects

– Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) and is generally going away on its own around 90 days.

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TIF procedure

Rated 4 out of 5
May 10, 2021

TIF procedure is better than the Linx. Look into it.


Operation must be your last resort!

Rated 1 out of 5
May 10, 2021

I just spoke to a surgeon, she wants to do a mobility test then we will decide if Linx or Fundoplication is best for me. Personally, I’m thinking of fundoplication since it is not a foreign object and a piece of my own body.
Pills stopped working, and I am on a very bland diet, small meals and still regurgitating my food.


GERD is gone but some issues

Rated 3 out of 5
May 10, 2021

I had the Linx surgery done with a HH repair in 2018. GERD is gone. By following the instructions from doctors it will be gone for good. However, have personally experienced what they call pooling too often where the food gets stuck in the throat.
I chew my food up properly and even had to have my scar area in the throat stretched. The HH repair didn’t work but I am off meds and living a hell of a lot better than before. You will read people experiences are different in every case. What you have to remember is that with a proper diet, chewing your food properly helps. Oh, you will drink warmer drinks than before because the cooler the drink is the more restricted the throat area gets.
There are pros and cons and it all depends on the individual. I personally would like the damn thing out because of the anxiety it has created for me personally even though it ha as cured the barrettes, GERD etc. Best of luck to everyone.

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be careful, think twice

Rated 2 out of 5
May 10, 2021

I would be careful with any surgery, especially in the area of the stomach, try to solve the Gerd over diet if possible and diaphragmatic breathing, both helped me to stabilize the symptoms of Gerd, just my recommendation, my doctor told me that right now they try to prevent the patients from any surgery since, after short improvements, the symptoms can appear again and then what to do, another surgery?