What Are the Most Important GERD Complications?

Any medical condition when ignored can lead to severe complications. The same happens with acid reflux. Always treat your problem at its onset. In case you experience symptoms of acid reflux or you have any medical problems, it is always advisable to seek medical help. When you consult a doctor in the initial stages, the complications that may occur are reduced and the duration of the treatment is also less. Patients suffering from GERD usually have ulcers, asthma, inflammation in the lungs and fluid in the ears.

GERD Complications
GERD Complications

Damage to the Oesophagus

The acidic properties of the reflux can cause severe damage to the oesophagus lining when the reflux comes in contact with it. This causes inflammation of the oesophagus. When the reflux further breaks through the wall to enter the oesophagus, ulcers are formed. These ulcers are often found to cause bleeding in the oesophagus and require either blood transfusion or surgery to correct the problem. Hence the patient needs to consult the physician and give a clear explanation of the problem.

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Lower Oesophagus

Numerous nerves end in the lower oesophagus. Hence when stimulated by reflux, these nerves tend to cause pain and heartburn. While a few nerves when stimulated, cause coughs. There are nerves that are related to the lungs. These nerves when stimulated cause asthma. Though very rarely acid reflux leads to asthma, it triggers the symptoms in patients already suffering from asthma. Hence asthma patients with acid reflux are more likely to have frequent attacks. Acid reflux is highly problematic for those suffering from asthma.

Inflammation of Lungs

Acid reflux can also cause inflammation of the lungs which lead to breathing problems and discomfort. Whenever any symptoms of lung problems due to acid reflux are noticed, it is highly recommended to consult a physician immediately and seek medical help to cure and prevent further damage to the lungs.

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As we all know, the ear, throat and nose are all interconnected through tubes. When the reflux reaches the throat, inflammation can be caused in adenoids, which are small bits of tissues joining the throat and nasal passages. This causes accumulation of fluid and develops pressure which causes severe pain and discomfort. This condition is generally seen in children since their adenoids are more definite.

GERD can cause a great damage when left untreated

Acid reflux is quite complicated and difficult to tolerate in the initial stage itself. Levels of complications and symptoms differ from patient to patient. But all seem to have a great level of discomfort. Whenever you find any symptoms of acid reflux, you must consult your doctor and explain your condition. A clear discussion with the doctor is necessary. This helps the physician to study and investigate your problem. Once he is able to find out the cause of your problem, he can prescribe a course of treatment to cure the symptoms as well as avoid further complications.

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Remember that GERD is a chronic condition and can cause great damage when left untreated. Moreover, the treatment is just to control the symptoms and not to cure the acid reflux completely. Hence preventing further damage is always a necessity.

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