What Causes Acid Reflux Disorder

A number of things can trigger acid reflux disorder conditions and this may result in heartburn attacks. Some of these typical triggers include the following:

What Causes Acid Reflux Disorder
What Causes Acid Reflux Disorder

* Consuming alcohol

* Unhealthy weight

* Smoking cigarettes

* Acid indigestion

* Pregnancy

* Eating spicy foods

* Certain prescription drugs

* Unnecessary eating

* Carbonated and caffeinated beverages

* Laying down after eating

The typical signs of the condition, however, are the following:

* Heartburn

* Bloating

* Nausea

* Belching

* Sore throat

* Wheezing cough

* Chest pain

* Weight loss

In serious cases of acid reflux, individuals may go through dental erosion and asthma. If some of the indicators stated previously take place for long periods, it would be better to seek the advice of your physician. A consultation is also essential in case acid reflux remedies cannot supply relief from the problem as well.

Trigger Foods for Acid Reflux

* Acidic Foods: foods that contain large quantities of acid can result in illness. Vegetables and fruits, such as pineapples, grapefruits and tomatoes are all acidic naturally and needs to be avoided as far as possible.

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* Spicy Foods: foods including peppers and chillies can cause a burning feeling in the stomach that can reach the chest. Fast foods may also upset the stomach and result in an acid reflux disease episode. Furthermore, increased consumption of onion and garlic should also be avoided, as this is harmful to the disorder.

* Alcohol: consuming alcohol can dehydrate the body. This could enhance the quantities of gastric juices inside the stomach, consequently resulting in acidity. Acid reflux disorder typically takes place in individuals with alcohol allergies.

* Carbonated Drinks: carbonated beverages are considered aerated, which implies it could boost the pressure inside the stomach, hence producing increased acidity and this too can lead to acid reflux disease.

* Caffeine: increased concentration of caffeine may be found in coffee and if consumed, this can increase the production of acid from the stomach. Those who drink coffee excessively are at high risk of developing the disorder. Just in case you cannot go on through the day with no coffee, it would be far better to select the decaffeinated type in order to avoid the illness.

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* Meat: many people are not aware of it, but individuals with vulnerable stomachs might have problems processing meat. Various types of meat, for instance, pork and beef, can encourage acid production when compared with turkey, fish and chicken. Since meat can bring about acid reflux disorder, it would be wise to trim down the intake of it and prevent the condition.

* Dairy: those who are used to drinking milk before going to bed ought to be very careful as well. Bear in mind that milk can raise the release of acid within the stomach, thereby increasing the potential for acid reflux. To protect yourself from this, it is important to decrease the intake of dairy foods, especially when your stomach is full.

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In addition to the trigger foods mentioned previously, there are other kinds of foods that could also lead to the condition, including vinegar, processed foods and chocolate. In order to prevent the illness, it is important to remove these types of food from your meals and pick a healthy acid reflux diet instead, which is centred on foods that can help avoid acid reflux attacks. If you were not aware of the foods that are acceptable for acid reflux, it would be wise to consult your doctor or seek the assistance of a dietician before changing to a different diet program.

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