What is the Most Alkaline Food on Earth?

The alkaline diet is focused on eating alkaline foods and avoiding acid foods. So wouldn’t it make sense to know what the most alkaline food is? Of course, there are many contenders, but if you make sure you eat a lot of the most alkaline food then you will rapidly start to experience the wonderful benefits of the alkaline diet.

How do we know that foods are alkaline?

There are two ways to determine whether a food is acid or alkaline. A right way and a wrong way! The reason I say this is because one method tests the alkalinity or acidity of the food before it is eaten whereas the other measures whether the food is acid-forming or alkaline-forming in the body and I am much more interested in the latter.

So, What is the Most Alkaline Food

There are many contenders! Here is a rundown of my favourites:


Spinach is a great addition to your diet. It ticks all of the boxes: dark green; leafy; full of chlorophyll and absolutely packed with nutrients including vitamin k; vitamin a; vitamin c; vitamins b1 b2, b3 & b6; vitamin e and contains the following highly alkaline minerals:

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spinach alkaline

  • manganese
  • folate
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • potassium
  • calcium

Plus, for those who are worried that living alkaline will not provide enough protein & calcium – one serve of spinach provides 11% RDI of protein and 25% RDI of calcium. Lovely stuff.

I also like that spinach can be easily used in juices, smoothies, salads, wraps and can also be steamed lightly to let you eat a massive serve really easily. Seriously, try it – steam 3 serves of spinach down, season and you can easily eat it in one meal.


Cucumber is a very big part of my life! At any given time I’ll have up to 12 cucumbers in my fridge! Brilliant in juices and smoothies they also provide a base for most of my alkaline soups and I love them in salads too. Belonging to the same family as watermelon, zucchini, pumpkin, and other types of squash – they’re water-rich and nutrient-dense.

Containing solid levels of vitamin c; vitamin a; potassium; manganese; folate and magnesium are not as nutrient-dense as spinach but do contain way more water, which has its obvious benefits.

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Fantastic for the skin, cucumbers are highly alkaline and so important to the alkaline diet. Even if you find the concept of drinking a green vegetable juice too much at this stage, throw a cucumber in with your other juice – you’ll barely notice the taste but you’ll definitely notice the nutrition!


BROCCOLI! What a star. Containing masses of vitamin c; vitamin k; vitamin a; folate; fibre; manganese; potassium; magnesium; iron and protein – broccoli really packs a nutritional punch. Touted for its amazing health benefits, broccoli HAS to be a part of your diet. It’s just too good.

Steamed, raw (in salads) or lightly steam fried, it is fantastic food. Plus, when it is steamed the fibre in the broccoli binds and is a really effective digestive tract cleanser!

While I am not making this claim directly myself, heaps of recent research has linked broccoli to be very effective against many types of cancer and another degenerative disease.


A wildcard in this list that was originally going to just be the three above, Kale is included because of its excellent antioxidant properties, as well as its alkaline nutritional profile that includes masses of vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as the important minerals manganese, calcium and iron.

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A lot less commonly seen than the other foods on this list, kale is a great addition to your diet. I like to juice it and include it in my legendary dinner “The Vegetable Mountain” (quite simply a mountain of steamed vegetables) as well as finely sliced in steam/stir-fries and with my Alkaline Cooked Breakfast.

A word of warning: do try to find organic kale if you can as pesticides are commonly found on kale that is sold in supermarkets. If you have an ionizer, wash the kale in strong alkaline water as this alkaline water removes pesticides very effectively.

So Which Food is the Winner: The Most Alkaline Food

Based upon all factors including nutrient content and ease of use – I would have to go with spinach – spinach is the most alkaline food.

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